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English. Vocabulary: Reading

Reading – Lecto – Comprensión

Measuring Health and Happiness

1. The small country of Bhutan in the Himalayan mountains in the post was poor.

2. Nowadays, it is becoming more popular with tourists. Medicine and health is improving and its economy is growing. The king talkead about the «Gross National Happiness». He thought happiness is the way to measure the country´s development.

3. But how do you measure happiness?

A survey says Iceland  is the healthiest country because:

→ there men and women live a long time

→ the air is very clean and there are more doctor´s available per person.

4. There are another survey, with questions like:

How much do you earn?

How healthy are you?

How safe do you feel?

After visiting 155 countries the researchers decided that Denmark feels happier than other countries

5. The artist Erik Krikertz feels  that there are other ways of measuring happiness. He has a website and visitors click in different happy or sad faces to comment on how well they feel. When they finish, the website adds the results and gives you a final result for your happiness.

In his home city Stockholm, he also shows the results of his survey as differents coloured lights on the side of a large building. People look at the building every day and see how «we are», Krikertz says. Red = Happy / Green = Ok / Purple = Sad.


The Secrets of a long life

In the Island of Okinawa there are a lot of centenarians. There are many scientific studies abuot their lifestyle.

The reasons for their good health are that they:

  1. Go cycling  and never drive when they can walk
  2. Do exercise, go swimming and lead active lives. Rarely buy food from a supermarket
  3. Do gardening and grow their own fruit and vegetables. Go fishing and eat what they catch.
  4. Spend time with their friends



Life.  Pre Intermediate. By John Hughes, Helen Stephenson and Paul Dummett.

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