As the Inspector Said and Other Stories by John Escott

As the Inspector Said and Other Stories retold by John Escott.

– As the Inspector Said. Cyril Hare

-The man who cut off my hair. Richard Marsh

-The railway crossing. Freeman Wills Crofts

-The blue cross. G. K. Chesterton

-Cash on delivery. Edmund Crispin


The blue cross. Report

In the litle restaurant of London there were two clues. Salt in sugar bowl and stains on the restaurant´s white wall.

The waiter said that two priests played this joke.

Then, in a fruit shop, the cards with the prices of oranges and nuts were wrong. There were another clues. The man of the shop said that to two priests knocked over his apples and gave the direction where the priests went.

Later  the inspector Valentin, and another policemen, found in Hampstead a restaurant with a broken window. The inspector asked to the waiter about it and he said that one of the two priests paid to him too much. «I was sure that I´d put four shilling on that bill but now I saw it was fourteen», he said. One of the priests broke the window and said that this money will pay for the window.

Also the waiter said to inspector Valentin that the priests went up to Bullock street, so the inspector ran up that road.

In a sweet shop a woman gave him the last clue. One of the two priests that were before there buying some sweets leave her a parcel wiht the silver cross and gave her an address in Westminster to send it.

Then the inspector Valentin saw Flambeau looking and talking like a priest.

Flambeau wanted the blue cross of the other priest who stayed with him, it was impossible because the priest gave the parcel with the jewel to the sweet shop woman to send it to a friend in Westminster.

Finally, the clever Flambeau had been caught for the inspector Valentin with help of the father Brown.


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