An invitation

F: Hello David! How are you?

D: Fine. I had finished my English class, today. I relax.

F: Oh well! Why don´t come to grandfather´s eightieth birthday?

D: Thanks. But I have a few things to do at home.

F: I´d really like you to come. I´m inviting some friends from our class.

D: Ok. So I should bring something.

F: No. Not necessary.

Phoning about an order

R: Good afternoon. Can I help you?

C: I´m calling about my phone. It´s broke. I bought in your web site.

R: One moment, please. Let me check. Do you have the item number of warranty.

C: Yes. It´s 28695512

R: Can I put you on hold for a moment?

C: Ok

R: Would you like to order a new phone? ….

Talking about interests


A: I have to write a dialogue about my interests for my English class and I dont´t  like it because I think that it´s boring. But I have to write.

B: Oh! I understand. Can I help you?

A: Yes, please.

B: Try to answer these questions:

  • Am I interested in doing something?
  • Am I interested in doing Yoga?
  • Am I good at cycling or running etc?

A: Oh! Thanks!

I´d like to take a Yoga class. I need to relax more. During the week I´d prefer to go cycling too.