English. Pronunciation

Pronunciation / Alphabet

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Vowel sounds

Consonant sound

Word stress

Multi – syllable words have one stressed syllable.

e.g. Sorry / Good bye / Saturday


Sentence stress

In sentences we stress the important words

Where´s she from? She´s from China


Useful phrases

the weekend (= Saturday and Sunday), a weekday (= Monday – Friday).

What day is it today? It´s Friday

Have a good weekend. You too.

See you on Monday



13 and 30, 14 and 40, etc. are similar, but the stress is different, e.g. thirteen, thirty, fourteen, forty etc.

-ee is a long sound, but -y is a short sound

Phone numbers. We say the digits separately. 0 = Zero or oh


After 300 metres, turn right

Pronunciation. Understanding connected speech.

When people speak they don´t usually separate all the words. For example, if a word ends whith a consonant and the next word begins whith a vowel, they join them together. e.g Turn off the music.


British and American English. The same, but different

British and American people speak the same language English, but with some small differences.


Colour, favour, and other words that en in -our in British English end with -or in American English, e.g. color, favor. Centre, theatre, and other words that end  in -tre in British English end with -ter in American English, e.g center, theater


The most important different between American and British English is pronunciation. American accents and British accents are quite different, and when an American starts speaking British people know he or she is American, and vice versa.


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