Be going to (plans and predictions)



  • We use be going to + verb infinitive to talk about future plans.
  • We often use future time expressions with going to: tomorrow, next week, next year, etc.
  • We can be going to + verb infinitive to make predictions (= to say what you think or  can see is going to happen in the future)

Verbs + to + infinitive: want to, need to,  etc.

Many verbs are followed by a verb in the infinitive with to.

These include:  -> want, need, learn, promise, decide, plan, and hope.

Would like to

  • I would like to = I want to (now or in the future).

Contractions: ´d = would; wouldn´t = would not

  • Use the infinitive with to after -> would like e.g  I would like to learn
  • Remember you can also use Would you like …? to offer: Would you like a drink?
  • Would like is the same for all persons.

Would like to and like

I´d like to dance = I want to dance

I like dancing = I enjoy it; I like it in general.

Will (decisión, ahora)

eg. I´ll have chicken / I´ll love you ever


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