Past tense (Apuntes)

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Past tense, a form of a verb that shows the time of its action in relation to the time of speaking


Past Simple

Past simple of verb be: was / were

-We use was/were – > to talk about the past

-We often use was/were with past time expressions, e.g. yesterday, last night, in 1945 etc.

-We use was/were with born: I was born in Hungary


Regular verbs

We use the past simple for finished actions in the past.

Spelling rules for regular verbs:


-Regular verbs in the past afirmative end in -ed, e.g. worked, lived, played.

-The past simple is the same for all persons ( I, you, she, etc)

-Use auxiliaries did/didn´t + infinitive for past simple interrogative and negative. Did is the past of do


Irregular verbs

-Use the irregular past form only in afirmative sentences: I saw a film last night

-Use the infinitive after did/did´t for past simple interrogative and negative. Idid´t go last night.

Remember word order in questions = ASI or QUASI


Can you…? Can / Can´t  → Past of can = Could

-Can you introduce yourself? / Could you… ? -> for past interrogative

-Couldn´t -> for past negative



Would you like … ?




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